Q: Are these qualifications recognized by the Authorities?

A: Yes. Safety training is a requirement as stated in QCS 2014 section 1 part 10 – section 10.2.5 – Requirement for training.

Q: How long do the qualifications last? Do they have to be renewed?

A: Once you pass the course exam, you receive an IOSH certificate and the qualification is yours for life, meaning you do not have to renew it.

Q: Are the qualifications recognized Internationally?

A: As the courses are IOSH certified the qualification will show your potential clients you have achieved a compliant standard in Qatar. This standard is based on international best practices within Temporary Traffic Management.

Q: What are the benefits of my staff being IOSH certified?

A: Firstly IOSH qualifications are recognized by your potential Clients, this may help when tendering for future projects. My staff will be internationally qualified. My traffic diversion planning will be cost effective, due to the staff involved being better educated.

Q: Who should take these courses?

A: Anyone who plans installs/maintains and removes Traffic Diversions, procurement department, project managers, project supervisors, project directors, supervision consultants, surveyors and anyone involved in the Temporary Traffic Management decision making process.

Q: How long are the IOSH courses?

A: All training is 4 hours in the classroom.

Q: Who delivers the training? 

A: All courses are delivered by an IOSH Approved Instructor who has teaching and industry qualifications.

Q: Are these courses delivered in different languages?

A: Yes. The course will be delivered in multiple languages- please ensure you communicate which language you would require.

Q: Where are the courses delivered?

A: At our dedicated training room, or in house at your workplace.

Q: Is the Road Safety Engineering and Auditor course recognised?

A: Yes. The RSEA course follows the UK and European Standard for Road Safety Auditor Training and can be presented to International Road Safety Organisations for Professional Membership.

Q: How long is the RSEA course?

A: 50 hours over 10 days (+10 hours home learning). Timings can be arranged to suit. Such as 10 hours over the weekend for 5 weekends. Or 4 hours per evening over 13 evenings.