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Road Safety Engineering is complex and mistakes can become costly.
Implementing Road Safety Engineering solutions during the first stage of any design is advisable.

Road Safety in Qatar


Our staff are handpicked due to their experience and ability to deliver answers to the complex issues which face projects. We pride ourselves on timely and cost effective solutions. All of our solutions will be sufficient to satisfy all of the standards and guidelines which are implemented within the area working in.

We use various internationally approved tool-kits to help projects achieve the international standards your clients require. Our training is developed to suit each country. Therefore dispelling the notion that all roads are designed the same. We offer tailored solutions for unique obstacles.


Our mission is to develop, implement and transfer the knowledge of Road Safety Engineering to our clients.  We guide our clients towards the correct solutions and aim to help all parties follow international and national standards/guidelines. We aim to deliver tailored solutions to suit your timescale and encourage early coordination.

Road Safety in Qatar

We are an equal opportunity employer and have have partnered with dynamic companies who are competent in their field. From design to implementation/removal and inspection we will develop solutions to suit your needs and budget.

We support the following:

International Road Safety

United Nations “A Partnership for Safer journeys”.

Traffic safety

FIA Road Safety – #3500lives

Road safety auditing




Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 to 2030.

Sponsorship and partnership.

International Safety Training

We are proud sponsors of the IRF (Geneva) World Road Statistics 2020 publication.

IRF WRS 2020
IRF World Road Statistics 2020


  • Traffic Safety and Control Officer (U.K. Standard) supply.
  • Work Zone/ Temporary Traffic Management Safety Auditing.
  • Vehicle safety inspection to standards for FIA and FIM events.
  • Driving instructor training.
  • Traffic Safety Supervisor (U.K. standard) supply.
  • Traffic Management Manager (U.K. standard) supply.


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